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Garry Geer here, I started out window cleaning at around 16 years old with a pastor I met playing basketball  in a suburb between Lodi and Stockton.  Since 1999 I have been a resident of Sacramento County. I have 20 years of experience.  Near 19 was when I opened my first window cleaning venture.  My first large ad was with in 2012 & 2013, but I knew I was missing something.  I oversold and had to go back to the drawing board. By 2014 I closed shop and went back to college and graduated in 2018 with a BSB, and I am now in route for my MBA this year.  being that it is just me, I tend to offer more then just a clean pane, wiped sills and tracks, or dusted screens when I am hired.  The first time on any job is a getting to know you and your property process.  With that said, I have no criminal record, I am licensed, fingerprinted, and approved by the county and federal.  By hiring me you always will know who your rep is.  Right now it is me, but I promise to keep that vision going.  Also note, that as an ordained minister I am spiritual and not of any denomination, and I hold of high value my other education in multiple world religions.  I am a master craftsman at my trade, very careful but very efficient.  Other than the time I sold too many jobs, I have not had complaints of any window cleaning work I have done as an owner or sub-contractor over the years.  Also, I read hand sign language pretty well, so I left a chart in my photo gallery on home page should you ever have trouble talking through a window to me.  I look forward to earning that business of yours.  

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