Before Hiring a Window Cleaner

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Garry Geer here,

First, don't forget that my charges average at $2 a pane for basic window cleaning, and I am licensed and insured in Sacramento County to sell to anyone who has a business.

Below is a blog from before 2020 and describes residential services.

Screens: Most window cleaners who are poorly trained, are also loosely monitored, lazy, or in hurry, and can leave screens looking muddy after their cleaning. Some don't even want to wash screens because of the amount of work involved. They can even ruin splines or rip screens and end up the costing the firms to repair. Some crews are bending frames when taking them out with flat head screw drivers incorrectly. You should always take out unlocked screens from the inside without a knife, and if able have helpers on both sides push and pull the screens to place. When cleaning them in a hurry most might just do a dusting, as a specialist I could take the time to dust the screens and wash them in a manner that not only keeps dust down for neighbors but cleans the screens with soap and water. And after 2020 everyone should have realized the benefits of soap and water on things. Washing a screen once is a cost savings, but as all dirty screens are not created equal, some customers will have to pay for 2-3 hours of labor just on proper screen cleaning.

How I clean screens when is not a secret. I start inside. Before I clean the inside windows, I open up window, pull the screen inside, and stack them on towels in a safe area to gather. I then am also able to wipe tracks with windows open. Upper windows allow me to decide if the window can be disassembled and cleaned on spot without a ladder outside. When a floor is done the screens are meticulously lined up in the order of return outside. This is reverse engineering, we return to fill up a bucket with water, place biodegradable soap in bucket, and set up a double hose connection. From there I place one hose with a mist handle spray in my work area, then we dust each screen front and back. You, your family and pets, plus neighbors will appreciate that. Then I prefer a soft horse hair bristle brush front and back with soap and water, then spray rinse. It is the repeat needed per screen that makes screen cleaning a job on its own. When we as window cleaners are already at windows, at least dusting screens is the minimum that window cleaners offer in most basic services. To finish, my techniques either safely ground tap or rag slap edges to make them dry. To encourage even dryer frames, they are needing to be placed in the sun while we return to do the inside of your house. The screens are then easier to return on the outside with a push.

Windows:  Have you ever heard of window cleaners "skinny" technique? When I first heard this term I was confused. it means to skip windows that might look clean enough. My thinking is that if you paid for a glass to be cleaned, it should be cleaned.

This is why we offer a Basic Mop and Go, General Clean, or Master Clean Detailing with numerous other services offers and a 95% detailed cleaned promise. Ask me about them.

Hard Water Stain Removal: We recommend to just plan to save for a new window or glass and fix the problem. Hard water removal requires almost near toxic if not toxic cleaners of numerous kinds very akin to acid. The smell can be bothersome and go away for a home owner with proper ventilation, and minimal one time exposure, but window cleaners that are sitting there for hours would need to be in body suits for, depending on the jobs, a whole day or week of cleaning, otherwise they where mask and gloves and are still exposing skin which is our largest organ. The reasons to fix the problem as hard water stain removal once can be cleaned temporarily, they only return if the problem is not fixed. Is it a pool sprayer, sprinkler, bad rain, or other any water on property such as in showers or from sinks causing it, if so it will just repeat if the water is not treated or the problem is not fixed, correct? And fixing the problems can be better on you at home as well, such as installing a water softener system that will be great on skin and cost less on soap. Fixing can be as easy as hiring a landscaper just to come out and tweak the sprinklers or redirect a couple of them. If it is the pool, just stop using the robot and call a pool cleaner, go get some exercise and do it yourself, or pay a neighbors kid to do without making a mess.

Thank you for reading!

Sincerely, Founder Garry Geer

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