Commercial Basic Window Cleaning

Outside up to 2 stories, inside any floor.
(includes dusting)

Lot Litter Porter

Up to 20 feet from windows and doors.
(additions per 1000 sq ft)

Commercial Master Window Cleaning

Top to bottom detailing up to 2 stories.
(includes over spray)

Window Paint Removal

Up to 15 feet high.

IMG_2386 - Copy.JPG

Screen Washing

Outside up to 2 stories

Mirror Detailing

(included in some projects)

Store Front
Urgent Cleaning

(Includes 6 panes and two glass doors in and out)

Cobweb Removal

Up to 18 feet high.
(included in some projects)

Bright Space

Professional Services

Cleaning Light Boxes

Up to 15 feet high.
(can include light bulb replacement)

Clearing Windows for Workers

Floor level knick knack displacement, or tarping.  (includes basic dusting of area, and our lowest labor cost).

Dusting Floor Level

Up to 12 feet high.

Tracks Detailed Inside

Floor level track cleaning.
(included willowing of weeping holes, with attention to removable gunk via rotary brush)


Chair and Table Staging

(our lowest labor cost)

Hard Water Stains

First floor only.

Low Rise Window Washing

Coming soon.

Boom Lift Outside

Up to 4 stories high.